At Academy 4, Aviation Academy, the training partner for Pipistrel and the developer of the Pipistrel Academy with the Pipistrel Academy LAB training programme, we are offering several options for foreign pilots and students.

Apart from our AUPRT training there are three products that we can offer for you:

  • PPL(A) training for English speaking students already living in Slovenia or in driving distance to Slovenia
  • Type training on Pipistrel aircraft for already licensed pilots. We offer training for ALPHA, Virus SW 121 and Panthera.
  • We offer conversion of other licenses into EASA license.

Statistically, best weather for flight training in Slovenia is between 1st April and 1st December and with most hours of daylight. We perform training year round, weather permitting.

Slovenia is one of the best places for light aircraft flying, since it provides three different sceneries (Alpine, Coastal and Central) all within one hour of flight.


At this time we discourage student pilots coming to Slovenia specifically to train with us and complete the PPL in a very intensive time frame. Also for any training we do not have the capacity to organize your trip, accommodation or transports.


If you are living in Slovenia or within driving distance to Slovenia, then we can offer you the PPL training in English. All of our instructors can provide instruction in English and all of our training materials are also in English.

The only course that you can enroll as an English speaking student is the EASA PPL(A). The Slovene national Ultra-light course is not accessible, since the theoretical exam is available only in Slovene language.

If you would like to get more information about the PPL course, you can contact us using this contact form.  We will be happy to answer all of your question and provide a full quotation for the PPL course.

If you would like to proceed with the enrolment into the PPL course, you can do that by following this link.

Academy’s ALPHA Trainer is landing at the end of a training sortie.

X-ALPHA 200 simulator with the ALPHA Trainer


This is for a licensed pilot that would like to use the world best instructors to convert to Pipistrel aircraft. At anytime we provide training on ALPHA Trainer and Virus SW 121. For other types including the Panthera, special arrangements should be made.

The price in 2022 for Virus SW 121 is 205 EUR/hr and for the ALPHA Trainer 160 EUR/hr. This price includes everything including the aircraft, fuel, instructor etc. The only item not included are the landing fees on en-route airfields.

The prerequisite for training is the purchase and completion of the type course.

This is one of the best type training courses and your confidence will increase in short field operations, stalling, spinning, recoveries from unusual attitudes, engine failures and other emergency situations.


If you are already a licensed pilot and would like to convert your license into an EASA license, we can help you with that.

Conversions are specific according to the license that you hold. You can read more about the conversion process here.

Academy's ALPHA Trainer is landing at Zagorje airstrip at the end of a training sortie.

Academy’s ALPHA Trainer is landing at one of Slovenia’s many airstrips at the end of a training sortie.

**All flying is logged and charged from engine start to engine shutdown.

**Payment is made only through bank transfer.