The entry into the training process is complex and can require a lot of communication. To reduce the effort on both sides, we had prepared the following sequence, that is both simple and complete and in only four easy steps. Please follow it step-by-step.

This procedure is more or less the same if you are entering a training course, entering a type training course or just wanting to fly within the Academy 4 organisation.


First of all you have to notify the Head of Training that you had decided to enrol into the training. This e-mail should include also a filled and scanned entry form and also a scan of your identity document. This either a passport or an ID card.

You can find the blank enrolment form here. At the same time, please fill out the questionnaire that is available here. This is crucial for us to pair you with the most suitable primary flight instructor.

The next step is that you create a username and password on the following e-learning site (CBT), that you will use:

At this stage it is really important that you do not pay anything directly on the portal of Academy 4! These costs will be included in the proforma invoice that you will receive in step 2.


Then the head of training will send you an invoice that includes:

  • Entry into register (160 EUR*)
  • Theoretical course for PPL license (360 EUR**)
  • Theoretical course for aircraft type (247 EUR)
  • Pilot logbook (15 EUR*)

Note: the items marked with * do not apply to pilots enrolling for type training or that already have a valid pilot licence. The item marked with ** reduces to 60 EUR for pilots enrolling for type training or that already have a valid pilot licence (ICAO PPL or higher).

Apart from this the invoice includes 5 flying hours. The current prices are available here on the pricelist page.

When the invoice is paid you notify the head of training and he enrols you into the student register. From this moment on you had secured a place in the training rooster of the Academy 4. The head of training notifies you about this, enrols you into the necessary on-line courses and assigns you the primary flight instructor.

Your primary flight instructor will be the one that you will fly most of the air exercises with and will monitor your progress throughout the training.


At this time you start with the theoretical training.

This includes:

  • the aircraft type course on the aircraft that you will fly (in most cases this is the Virus 121 course)
  • on academy4.si the full theory course (if you are enrolled into the PPL(A) course). This includes also local airspace information for the airfield that you will be flying from.

When you are finished with the e-learning you can contact your primary flight instructor to commence flight training.

In the season 2020 we had introduced mandatory pre-flying training on the X-ALPHA 200 VR simulator. It is composed of four training events and by the end of this you will actually know all the flying basics. This will enable you to progress faster and with less stress in the actual aircraft flying. Each event costs 50 EUR and is these four training events are included into the invoice mentioned above.

For ab-initio students we recommend that during the on-line learning phase you pass the medical exam. Your primary instructor will help you in arranging this. Academy 4 recommends the Janežič-Blatnik medical facility in the city of Velenje.

The medical examiner will ask you to contact your personal doctor to write a letter in English summarising your medical history.


Now that wasn’t so complicated, was it?