Academy 4 offers the Advanced UPRT course as a part of it’s ATO approval (SI.ATO.040). It offers Advanced UPRT course and the course for Advanced UPRT instructors.

Virus for UPRT course

The course is conducted on the Pipistrel Virus SW 121 aircraft. The aircraft is superbly fitted for this course. It is certified for spins and features a full glass cockpit with PFD, MFD and autopilot.

The Virus SW 121 is one of the most suitable aircraft for A-UPRT training, since it is superb in high AOA handling and maneuvering, while at the same time it mimics a jet aircraft in cockpit automatization and  side-by-side seating. The Virus SW enables the best transfer of AUPRT knowledge onto transport category aircraft.

It flies great. It climbs at around 1000 fpm and travels at 120 kt. It has both the performance and automation/information and the great handling characteristics at high AOA to make it a perfect aircraft for this course.

The course in 2022 will be personally instructed by Academy 4 Head of training: Sašo Knez or instructor Cpt. Neil Burkinshaw.

Sašo Knez was Pipistrel’s Chief Test Pilot. In the capacity of Chief test pilot and previously Test Pilot, Sašo was, as the instructor, the primary or first-flight test pilot in seven mayor test programs. This included also the Virus SW 121 certification. This gives him the deepest insight and self-confidence in the handling of the Virus SW.

Neil Burkinshaw is a very senior A320 captain for one of the largest low-cost airlines in the EU.

The course is comprised of the following phases:

  1. Entry procedures (signing of training contract, advanced payment and entry into Academy 4 register)
  2. Online learning (an original Advanced UPRT course on
  3. Two days of on-site training.

The online training is based on examining the actual cases of loss-of-control accidents. At the present time, the on-line course leads you through 20 selected loss-of-control accidents that together generate a concept of most important threat areas for upsets.

AUPRT on-line training

In these two days, the first day is a briefing day practice of the maneuvers in the X-ALPHA 200 simulator. This simulator time is not logged into the logbook. The first flight is also on that day.

The second day is composed of two flights. The total training is five hours of theory (online learning + classroom) and three hours of flight training.

This is the minimum training required. If the student pilot does not reach competency during these three hours, additional flight training is required.

The course can be recorder on video. The Virus SW is equipped with a Garmin Virb camera that also records intercom communication. Should you wish to have the recording, bring to the course a micro-SD card with write speed of at least 100 MB/sec. For the total three hours you will need about 60 GB of storage space.

The price for the total course is: 1.450 EUR. This price includes both theoretical and practical training, administrative expenses and VAT. It is the total cost of the course if the training objectives are met with minimum hours specified. This price includes the cost of training only. The costs of overnight stay, food and other things you may require outside the course are not covered or organized by Academy 4.

If you form a group (two persons or more) then the price is 1.200 EUR.

The course is taught at Celje airfield, Slovenia (LJCL).

The schedule for the course is highly dependent on availability, weather and state of the runway. The flying training in the course needs about 6000 ft AGL cloud ceiling and good visibility.

Due to comfort we do not recommend our course to pilots over 185 cm of height or 110 kg of mass.


Interested in taking the Advanced UPRT course Academy 4? Contact Sašo using the contact form below to check general availability of the course.


    If you are a student pilot from abroad, we recommend the following accommodation:

    The location of our base airport (LJCL) is given on the map below. If you are navigation to the airfield using Google, you can enter Airport Celje and it will guide you to the correct location.

    Apart from the Hostel Plus Caffe, we also recommend two locations out of which first is economical (between 50 – 72 € per night), and second is premium (Hotel Europa, between 96 – 121 € per night). However, apart from the aforementioned, both require the use of the rent-a-car. All of these locations and recommended direction on how to get to the airfield are given on the above map.

    When completing the online test, you will begin detail scheduling of the flying lessons.


    Academy 4 is also certified to offer Initial and Recurrent training courses for Flight Instructors teaching on AUPRT courses.

    Please contact us via the on-line form above for the more details and availability.