At this time Academy 4 offers only conversions to EASA PPL(A) license.

There are two cases for license conversions.


ICAO PPL (or higher) license means that the PPL is issued by any country that is a member of the ICAO. Practically all countries in the world are members of the ICAO.

The procedure for license conversion is as follows:

  • Send us your current license, medical and scan of the last page of your logbook. We will enter you into training at Academy 4 ATO.
  • You will have to pass two PPL theoretical exams. These are: Air Law and Human Performance. Apart from this you will have to pass the R/T communication test and ICAO English level test (if you don’t have it already). Our training portal will help you pass all of these exams.
  • You will have to pass an EASA medical class 2, for which we can recommend a medical examiner.
  • During this time, the Civil Aviation Authority of Slovenia will contact the Civil Aviation Authority in which your license is issued to confirm the license. The complete process usually takes at least 30 days. Moreover this process is currently impossible for the Russian licenses. If you are a citizen of Russian Federation, you can read a FAQ about your status here.
  • The last item is that you have to pass a skill check with an examiner. During the skill check you basically have to prove that you fly the aircraft according to the EASA standards and that you can function in European, specifically Slovene airspace.

To pass this test you will need some familiarization flights. If you are current on the Virus SW 121 this is typically 3-5 hours. If you are not current on the Virus SW 121, this is usually 5-10 hours.

The duration of the skill test flight must be a minimum of 90 minutes (block time).

You can expect the following cost for the conversion process

  • flying hours (see above and the pricelist)
  • entry into register: 160 EUR
  • theoretical portal: 360 EUR
  • exam flight
  • examiner cost
  • CAA fee


The agreement between the United States of America and the European Union on Cooperation in the Regulation of Civil Aviation Safety permits reliance on each other’s licensing and oversight systems.


  • The FAA airman needs to be current – in the case of the single-engine rating, the initial FAA rating has been issued within the last 24 months (Logbook and FAA verification letter obtained by the Slovenian CAA).
  • The applicants FAA medical certificate must be current.
  • An EASA Class 2 (or higher) medical certificate has to be obtained.
  • Language proficiency: »English proficient« endorsement on the pilot’s FAA pilot certificate or English language proficiency exam at CAA Slovenia.
  • Theoretical knowledge: Before taking the skill test, the applicant needs to demonstrate to the examiner the knowledge of »Air law« and »Communication«.
  • Skill test pass with an examiner.

Both the FAA and EASA licences are valid at the end of the process and have to be revalidated or renewed independently.