The path to this office can be very direct, but is also filled with treacherous turns, difficulties and traps.

With this page we from Academy 4, academy for aviation in Slovenia, Europe, will present the possibility and advantages for your flight training with us.


First of all, we are a flight school in Europe. This means that all the licences you gain with us are EASA licences. EASA is the acronym for European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

This agency sets the rules and requirements for all aviation activities in Europe. This is why an EASA licence is valid in all European countries. You can for example gain your licence in Slovenia, rent a Czech aircraft for fun and find a job as a pilot in Netherlands, all using the same licence.

The advantage of the EASA licence is that it has very high standards to attain it. The resulting standards are respected and recognised even outside the EASA member states. This is exactly the case for Maldives. The Civil Aviation Authority of Maldives adopted most of the regulations of EASA.

This means that if you hold an EASA licence not only employment opportunities open for you in Europe, but also for many other countries, including Maldives, that respect the standard of an EASA licence holder.



Academy 4 is based in Slovenia, Europe. This is a huge benefit for training. Slovenia is a small, but geographical diverse country. It has continental climate (hot summers, cold winters). This means that your training will be demanding and diverse.

You will encounter the heat of the summer, turbulence of spring, fog of winter, fly in the mountains of Austria, over the Adriatic sea and over the plains of Hungary. Pilot trained in such environment can fly anywhere in the world.

Slovenia is a safe country with low costs of living for Europe. Academy 4 is based at Celje airfield (LJCL).


Academy 4 operates Pipistrel aircraft. Even more – it is the development centre for Pipistrel training. Within Pipistrel we are also called Pipistrel Academy Lab.

You will train on the Pipistrel Virus SW 121.

This aircraft is modern, fast and lean. Our price of training is competitive with older training aircraft (Cessna, Piper), but with the Virus you are flying faster, higher, with full glass cockpit and autopilot. It is a perfect trainer to prepare you for the high performance aircraft you will be flying in your career. This aircraft is so modern and exciting that it was chosen by Microsoft as one of the initial aircraft for the new Microsoft Flight simulator 2020.

The Pipistrel Virus SW 121 is a modern aircraft, which will provide you with the core skillset necessary for flying modern transport aircraft.

The Virus SW 121 is also very safe, since it is equipped with a whole-aircraft parachute system. This system greatly increases the chance for rescue of the crew and aircraft from almost any critical situations.


Our instructors are absolutely committed to your success.

Academy 4 instructors spend a lot of time in the briefing and debriefing phase of the flight training. This ensures that every minute of your expensive flight training will be effective.

More importantly they nice guys and girls, with whom you will be happy, safe and comfortable to be around. If an instructor is not a kind person, he does not make it into the Academy 4 team.


Academy 4 has had great success in training projects in the general area of Indian subcontinent.

In 2016 we had supported the sale of 200 Pipistrel trainers to the Indian armed forces. Academy 4 instructors provided training for the instructors of the Indian Air Force and National Cadet Corps.

This training was highly praised in the circles of the Indian Armed Forces.

Head of Training of Academy 4, test pilot Sašo Knez, readies for a instructional flight with Air Vice Marshal Awasthi, who is now deputy commandant of Air Force Academy of India. The picture was taken in Hindon AFB in August 2016. Can there be any better reference for this region?

In 2019 a small group of students from Maldives transferred from defunct Adria Aviation Academy to Academy 4. Despite that 2020 started with the Covid-19 virus, this group is progressing well with the full support of Academy 4 instructors.

But, it is better if you ask them about the training experience yourself. The young Ahmed Mohamed Naish is available to give you an unbiased and unfiltered opinion if our training organisation is the right one for you. You can mail him here. Naish is a proud holder of an EASA PPL obtained at Academy 4.

Naish with Jago – an Academy 4 instructor on his first route after PPL – to St. Galen in Switzerland.


There are many benefits in training with Academy 4. However there are two that are outstanding:


Academy 4 recognises the critical situations most commercial flight schools now face. Unfortunately some unscrupulous schools take large pre-payments for training courses, knowing full well, they are just before bankruptcy and that the students will not be able to perform the paid training. This equates to theft.

This causes great damage to the whole aviation industry. Therefore we take a different path. We take a 5 hour pre-payment and then we invoice the flying and training performed for the previous month. Therefore as student pilots you pay only for the training already performed.


The instructors of Academy 4 are involved in the development of Pipistrel X-ALPHA 200 simulator. This simulator is based on VR goggles technology. As a student you will not only train with the simulator, but will also have a free access to the simulator.

Academy’s ALPHA Trainer is landing at the end of a training sortie.

If your flying is not progressing well and you get stuck in learning, why spend precious financial resources, if you can practice and improve progress with this high fidelity innovative device.


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