Balistični del nose-up


The entry into the training process is complex and can require a lot of communication. To reduce the effort on both sides, we had prepared the following sequence, that is both simple and complete and in only four easy steps. Please follow it step-by-step. With this procedure we will not miss anything and the process will be most efficient.

The staff at Academy 4 thanks you for your cooperation.


The first step is that the you had already communicated with the Academy4 staff and set up a timeframe for your training. If you haven’t done that yet, please return to this page and fill out the on-line form that puts you in contact with the Head of Training.

After this is done and you had decided to train with us:

  • Print out the training contract and the application for training sign it and mail it to Academy 4. The application for training is a Google docs, but please print it out blank, fill it out and scan it. If you are using a digital signature, just use the pdf. version of this application for training.
  • In this e-mail include also scans of your licence and medical.
  • Fill out the course pre-entry questionnaire for us to get to know you and your background
  • Create a username and password on the theoretical learning portal: – this is where you will have the on-line learning part of the theoretical course.


When this is done the staff Academy 4 will issue you a proforma invoice for the complete AUPRT course according to the currently valid pricelist. Please pay this invoice in full to reserve your training slot. Take note that you should pay the proforma invoice within the specified timeframe on the proforma invoice. This is usually 5 days. It is one day for priority AUPRT courses. Only when you pay the invoice the specified time-frame is reserved.

When you complete Step 2 just write a short mail to Academy 4 and let us know that you had paid the invoice and created a username on the Academy 4 portal. You will receive the access to the on-line course.


Next, Academy 4 will notify you that your training slot has been confirmed with the payment received.

In this step your focus is the on-line course. When you login to the site you will notice that you can access the AUPRT on-line course module. Follow all the instructions on the on-line course. Basically you have to complete the on-line lesson and complete the on-line test.

About a week before the arranged training slot, you will receive the notification from the Academy 4 about the feasibility of the training in this slot. This is dependent on the weather and serviceability of the aircraft.

When the exact training dates are confirmed, go back to your on-line course and make sure that you had printed out all the required materials. If you are unable to do this, it is no problem to perform this at Academy 4, but please let us know in an e-mail and also send the .pdf version of your On-line course certificate that you had received after completing the test.



When the training is complete you will be issued with two proofs of completed training:

  • A course completion certificate
  • A logbook entry

When applying for a pilot selection or initial type training, the scans of these two items will be enough to prove that you had completed the AUPRT requirement.

We really look forward to meeting you, training with you and in a small, but critical area helping you to become a great pilot.